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About Zhenhe

Taizhou Zhenhe Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized chemical research and development, production and trade company with rich experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Most members of our team have been in the industry for more than 10 years, thus our company owns extensive front-line practical experience in chemical production, custom processing, quality control, and pharmaceutical registration. At present, our company is located in Taizhou city of Zhejiang province; Taizhou city is one of the domestic pharmaceutical raw material bases and one of the birthplaces of fine chemical production. Taizhou belongs to the Yangtze River Delta economic circle centered on Shanghai, thus we enjoy convenient transportation and an excellent business environment.


Now, our main business currently involves the production or custom processing of intermediates, including high value-added products in the fields of medicine, dyes, pesticides and other special materials. Our skilled reactions include:1. Halogenation, cyanation, nitration, ammoniation, sulfonation, catalytic hydrogenation, etc. 2. Grignard, coupling, redox, etc. At present, our company rents 1 pilot plant, 2 multi-functional synthesis plants, and 2 special synthesis plants in Shandong and Henan, etc. Therefore, we have 80 enamel reactors and stainless steel reactors (50-5,000 liters), with a reaction volume of nearly 100 Tons.


Adhering to the philosophy of "being people-oriented", "quality is number one priority to enterprise", our company is strictly in accordance with the cGMP management system to have production and continuous improvement. At the same time, our company pays attention to the training of employees at all stages and improves product quality and customer satisfaction to truly optimize resources and provide customers with zero-defected products in a timely manner, and regard "continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence" as the eternal goals of our company. With the continuous efforts of all employees, our company has good ability to offer high-quality products and services to customers continuously and steadily, and then has won the trust and praise of customers all over the world. Based on the purpose of continuous innovation, relying on strong technical strength, resources and the joint efforts of all employees, our company will, as always, continue to improve technology, quality and customer satisfaction to achieve a win-win situation with you! We look forward to receiving your cooperation and business negotiation. 



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